Classic 105 FM Kenya Live

Classic 105 FM Kenya Live


Classic 105 FM Radio Online Kenya

Classic 105 FM is a most famous radio station broadcasts from Nairobi Kenya live.This is a station which is broadcasting in English language and serving the Kenya community with its entertaining programs.On classic FM you can listen online News about current affairs, Loans , Stock exchange conditions, Currency rates and business news.Listen talk shows and music 24/7 hrs from this website. It also broadcasts on frequency 105.2

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  1. guys i love you. this shows you host in station are just hot and leaves us laughing all though out. keep up guys. mko sawa kabisa

  2. I love all da hits..u always mk ma weekdays..Bravooh classic 105>Maina n Kin’gan’gi-the godfathers..

  3. Hi,
    i would like to know the advertising rates for classic 105 radio station. I dont seem to find the correct address on the net. please help.

  4. Love your shows. Listens from states though I miss some I still enjoy part of Mwalimu and MK, Nick and Shiku and good music. Keep it up.Need your own website lakini

  5. Hi Classic 105. I am one of your die hard fans, even if I am currently in the diaspora!! I would like to find out how & if I can also participate in the daily talk shows & competitions though I am out of kenya.


  6. Kinyua and Penina- Click on the black bar below classic FM above and you will be able to listen to the radio

  7. i love the morng show and lari asego.i love all of classic fm 105,am in dispora but feels classic in my blood,some times i never home as listerning to you guys mania,nick shiko,lari you guys the best in radio lead the way others follows (classic 105),thank you and GOD bless classic 105

  8. Just found you on the internet and am so happy……..i live in Lusaka and havent yet adjusted to their way of radio.

    Classic 105 real nostalgia……thanks for making us feel closer to home.

  9. Hello Maina and King’ang’i….yenyewe kenya imekuwa nchi ya migomo, huku kikuyu constituency maclerks wa iebc wako on go slow. walikuwa wameaidiwa malipo after 15 days of work plus transport na hawajalipwa. sasa kutaenda haji huku kikuyu, hakuna haja hata ya kututangazia heti twende kwa vituo. zingine hata hazijafunguliwa. can you report this? God bless Kenya.

  10. Hi you have made my day,my name is seline kenyan leaving and working in the kingdom of Thailand. you make feel as if am still in my home country.God bless

  11. I love listening to Classic105!! Maina and King’ang’i in the morning, Shiko and Nick in the evening, you all are the best, i get so homesick listening to you from Germany…

  12. Classic 105 u make ma day so great especially mwalimu en king’ani in the morn en music marathon u are the heroes luv u guys

  13. hi Maina and mwalimu am listening to you on line from Holland place called Hoeven.thanx for the good music keep it up and God bless

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