Egesa FM Kenya

Egesa FM Kenya


Egesa FM Kenya Radio Online


Egesa FM is specially dedicated to Kenyan community. Here 24/7 hrs streaming is available. I hope you should like this radio station. bookmark this page to liste any time. Egesa FM broadcasts in ‘Ekegussii’ which is language spoken by Kisii community. That community originate in the southern part on Nyanza province. The station is on air on frequency 94.6FM and 103.2FM in Nairobi. It is the only 24 hour Kisii station. They target both in the rural and urban as well as upper class. The station provides News, Sports, Music and Business programs for all.

If you found any problem in streaming contact, we will fix this as early as possible.Listen interesting programs like Music shows, reality shows and latest news.





  1. mbabwatete buya mono abatangasachi baito aiga obokendu obonene bwa Minnesota. Nkwaneri abana baminto Naftal Kirioba na Nyamusi bare abwo Gusii. Endelea bosio egesa gieito.

    Daniel Monari,
    Minnesota, USA.

  2. Mwanyagentinge baminto kamoranche mobeke ekura gochia roche maate abwo, timotiria ekura gochia rogoro. Oyo no yo mino ore Indiana USA.

  3. mbuya mono sana abanto ba kitutu chache ase komochora Jimmy Nuru Angwenyi aka Simba… am so so happy…. ing’o ogogete buna inche ?? call me 0752466917 for a drink

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