Hope FM Kenya Live

Hope FM Kenya Live


Hope FM Live Online Kenya

Hope FM Kenya LogoHope FM is a famous Christian radio station broadcasting from Nairobi, Kenya whose mission is to broadcast good religious news. It was established in April, 1993. It’s main objective is to convert anyone from sins to religious point of view. It also plays a few entertainment, events transmission (like Christmas, New Year, Easter) and news daily. They are classified of dynamic, energetic, sober, presenters, marketers and technicians who passes their life through religious view. It has a lot of audiences, that’s why it is getting more and more popular day by day. Garriey Wainaina is the one who controls the entertainment section. The slogan of this radio station is “To Know God and To Make Him Known”. It is transmitted in International English language.

Hope FM Live Radio Streaming

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  1. Hope FM has blessed my life it has kept me more informed in all aspect. spiritually economically especially about the blogs and land issues. emotionally the encouragements are so powerful. God bless Hope FM and enlarge its boundaries.

  2. I have just discovered Hope FM online and i am over the roof! I am in Meru where we do not have any Christian radio stations broadcasting in the region. I thank God for Hope FM…now i can access uplifting music 24/7. God bless ya’ll.

  3. What a blessing HOPE FM has been since the time I discoverd it through one of the APPS in my phone. Am here in Jacksonville, Florida and I love listening to it on my phone wherever I am. I like the 5Am prayers which is about 9pm our time and I just find myself in agreement. May the Favor of God be upon Hope Fm and you all.

  4. You are a blessing to me.am a Kenyan working in Afghanistan.i listen to HOPE FM online and all i can say is that may GOD bless HOPE FM and the entire fraternity.I wake up at 0300 hours(0100 hours Kenyan time) just to be encouraged and to draw close to GOD more than ever.be blessed for the good work…..

  5. Hope Fm, you are a blessing to many especially to me. your play uplifting songs and your inspirational talks make me yearn to be there the next day to listen to the station. When its about health, the doctor answers the posted questions which i always find that others are going through what i have gone through. May u continue uplifting many. I can write and write but let the Lords blessings always be upon all of you in Hope fm. Amen

  6. hey justo and nevs, God bless you so much. i’m 17 & listening in 4rom MD, USA and im exited about what God is doing thru you and hopefm. do this 4 God always,stay encouraged and remember He loves you always.

  7. the only words to explain these kind of radio station is supernormal,what you guys have done and are still doing through the grace of the the Most High king has touched people of my kind. evry thing you present is directed to help change my line of thought to a more mature thought.

    I hope to work with Hope FM crew not just financially but also manually.

    God has already touched where you have not yet reached. Be blessed.

    From Maurice,
    The Best Friend of Hope.

  8. I love hope FM so much.I listen to it each and every time,I feel blessed, inspired .Thank God for hope FM.

  9. May God always uplift all hope representatives.I’m a Kenyan living and working in Dubai,UAE and i am always blessed by your programs.
    Wambui Mburu is my rock n im always inspired by her,through her so many heartaches are healed.


  10. Hope FM, every time i tune in, i have a hope to face tomorrow and forget about the challenges i may currently face. You are a source of inspiration, a right time for the weary and thirst souls. A fulfillment of Isaiah 50:4, a wise word for the season. Thank you and God continue to bless you mightly for the greater job.

  11. Hope Fm has kept me on the road and it is the only station that can change the lives of many youths and young couples old included.
    Joshua 1:5-8 Not letting the book of Law depart out of your mouth meditate upon it day and night.This book teaches me that I cannot survive without the word.
    Mrs Wambui Mburu and Mrs Kiruai know u r doing a great job u will not go without blessings.

  12. Like HOPE FM and listens to the studio music all night daily. Keep on lifting the name of the Lord in the Nairobian Airwaves on ‘LISTEN and LIVE’. God bless richly!!!

  13. I have ALWAYS LOVED this station ever since I got saved & discovered it. I have been uplifted spiritually. I ALWAYS listen to ACTIVATE (5am-1pm) and BREATH OF HEAVEN (7pm-10pm). I LOVE these two shows. May the LORD BLESS Hope fm.


  14. ACTIVATE, PRAISE JUNCTION, BREATH OF HEAVEN and the weekend edition are my no. 1 programs on Hope fm. I LOVE these programs BIG time. Am ALWAYS tuned to them.


  15. Hope fm simply blesses every second of my life:) May God continue to use you in this special ministry for the great commission!

  16. i’m a student doing journalism $ mass communication,may i get a chance 2 visit your studios please?

  17. I feel blessed just tuned in online today and I feel the music so reviving!I feel blessed other than just feeling at home!

  18. Hope fm is the only radio station that blesses my soul. Am in German and it is very clear. God bless hope and keep on giving us new hope every day. Am just being blessed

  19. gave my contacts to you guys wen you came to ccit thika wanted to be a freind of hope what happens after that

  20. hope fm , we request u to reach Meru region , ijiri in Meru iko down , so do something about it . So that the common citizen can reach u thro the local radio fm for not all can afford a computer . God bless u amen .

  21. Hi, just left Kenya to USA for my ,masters and I thank God coz I can still listen onlne. God bless you all

  22. hi wambui iam hearing u well in germany. Tht Genises 19 i agree as the paster says these people practice homosex need to b helped.cos if its normal as thy try to convince thy why then should thy pretend one will serve as a man n the other a woman.

  23. Good work HOPE FM. Keep it up. I was a member of a 5 am church in the Activate programme. Whee is our Pastor James?

  24. I work in North Eastern province Dadaab Refugee Camp, this is a hardship both environmentwise and people hospitality wise at least the only friend we can cling on, in the inspite of all this challenges is voice of one calling from CITAM in NBI (Hope fm)yes” we can keep the hope alive ” Thanks for Good work.

  25. Dear friends,

    can you give me the HopeFM link for external players please?!

    Thank you so much.
    Your Steffen from Germany

  26. I love hope fm..it’s been long but now I’m back n ready 4 Activate with Jemmoh..God bless hope…

  27. i listen to hope fm almost every day beginning at around 5am what a blessing it is to begin your day in the presence of the lord

  28. wauw am the happiest man on this last day of 2013 i have just discovered i can listen to hope fm online wonderful.i have really missed my favorite worship hour wauw thank you God bless hope fm

  29. I am always blessed by that pastor of mine. and his slogan . i.e the WORD is the WORLD of God. Pauline Githaiga. Umoja

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