KISS FM 100.3

KISS FM 100.3


Kiss FM 100.3 Nairobi Kenya

Welcome to Kiss FM Kenya, Broadcasting from Nairobi Kenya online.Listen live from here 24/7 Hrs.Its genres are Top 40-pop, Reggae and Adult Contemporary.It is on air on frequency 100.3.Headquarter is located in Nairobi, Kenya.This radio station is becoming more popular with the passage of time, so if you are interested in advertising on the station, this is best for your local business because it is providing best advertising opportunity.

KISS FM 100.3




  1. Hi there,

    I work with MediaCom ad agency based in Dubai and would like to contact the following radio stations for possible advertising campaign for one of our clients:
    - Kiss FM
    - Metro East FM
    - Sound Asia FM

    In addition, can you possibly provide me the contact for Milele radio.

    Thanks for your prompt feedback.

    Regards, Cris

  2. i was in kenya last year and was very disgusted to listen to sex topics as children who were also forced to listed were on their to school. i told the makanga conductor to return my money becaused i could see my daughter was listening and wondering what was going on.the greedy man decided to change stations than return the money.

    Kenyans grow up, if you do not talk about this kind of sex at home, why allow someone else to teach your child about sex in the bedroom on their way to school in the bus/matatu?

    • you are the one to grow up who told you to tune to the radio station and again alight from the bus. you are a stupid ex kenyan

  3. Am trying to tune live streaming from my iPad,Kiss100 kindly give some advise to log into…Cheers and i miss Kenya