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Metro East FM Kenya, Nairobi Online

Metro East FM KenyaEast FM or Metro East FM is an Asian radio station established for Asian films and gossip and among the best east radio station not only in Kenya but all over the African continent and Asian continent from South countries broadcasting from Nairobi, Kenya. East FM consist of Asian, African and European audiences. This asian network take a part in Asian music, films (specially bollywood), religious and social activities. It’s main languages are English and Hindi/Urdu. It is established for Pakistani/Indian communities established in Africa.

East FM Schedule & Timetable Presenters


Breakfast Show   | Aleem Manji & Seema Sarkar   | 6AM to 10AM Monday – Friday
Baimisal Andaaz | Parveen Adam                         | 10AM to 1PM Monday – Friday
Dil Chahta Hai     | Kamal Kaur                             | 1PM to 4PM Monday – Friday
On The Rush       | Gupz Saund and Ruhila Adatia | 4PM to 7PM Monday – Friday
Hum Tum            | Riya Sharma                           | 7PM to 9PM Monday – Friday

Weekdays (Night)

Creme De La Creme Society | Natasha Jamal     | 9PM to 11PM Wednesday
Over the Edge                      | Kunjaan Dholakia | 9PM to 11PM Thursday
Koroga Night                        | Sonu Alluwaliha   | 9PM to 11PM Friday


Saturday Kick Start | Rajesh Danda | 7AM to 10AM Saturday
This is Life              | Raabia Hawa  | 10AM to 1PM Saturday
Weekly Top 20 Countdown | Mr. Critic & Gupz | 1PM to 3PM Saturday
Khwahish               | Sonu Alluwaliha    | 6PM to 9PM Saturday
Silsile                    | Jasmine Postwalla | 9AM to 12 PM Saturday
Khwahish              | Sonu Alluwaliha     | 3PM to 6PM Sunday
Weekly Top 20 Countdown | Mr. Critic & Gupz | 6PM to 8PM Sunday
Anjuman | Allaudin Qureshi     | 9PM to Midnight Sunday

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