Musyi FM Radio

Musyi FM Radio


Musyi FM Radio Listen Online

Musyi FM is one of the fantastic radio station which is broadcasting online programs that are popular in African community can be listen live here. Its transmission is covering the area of entire Kenya as well as some local parts of Africa. If you have any question of suggestion you can contact us or this station as well.

You can listen while driving, during job or enjoying weekends so any time tune it on and start listening. Listen latest news national and international.




  1. Its my first time on musyi online – yaani vaa mombasa no kuenjoy. since I am busy on my computer daily, i will listen to musyi daily, my workmates are envious at this, they are just mocking me….ehhh we.
    kuma kitui nzini.

    • Good keep it up, please avail to online users the chance to vote for the best music ,,, there are programs for this task , let us be digital fully. God bless you all.

  2. thanks for what you are doing,however i request that you extend your broadcasting waves to areas of riftvalley and nyanza.some of us are students at universities and our wish is to get you all through in the radio.thankls

  3. My name is Vincent from Nairobi looking a friend by the name Mary Wamuyu.She is coming from Mattu.We met in Nairobi but got back Home to Mattu i’ve try looking for her by going to Mattu but since not familiar with the place i could not get her.I’m requesting that anybody knows where she is to communicate with me through this number or give her so that we may talk. the NUMBER is 0725 984 944. The lady was working in Nairobi (Rescourse Estate) next to Kariakor Estate.I’ll appreciate the from anybody,thank you in advance {URGENT} -