Truth FM 90.7

Truth FM 90.7


Truth FM 90.7 Kenya Listen Online

Welcome to Truth FM , a voice of truth for entertaining listeners. It is an independent radio station broadcasting from Nairobi Online on frequency 90.7 MHZ. It is covering Areas of nairobi and surroundings. There are many popular programs broadcasted by this stations.

Keep in touch with the station transmission for more entertainment and enjoyments. You can contact the station for listening on your request. It is private radio and its headquarter is located in Nairobi.




  1. Amen!

    I totally agree with the speaker and the presenter. We need to give our hearts to Christ as He gave us the whole of Himself.

    May the Lord help us!!


  2. Sure ladies should not be married by the outward appearance. there should be total love. God bless you all mighty

  3. Dear Truth FM,

    You reviewed a book (titled In his footsteps?) about 7 a.m. on Thursday, 16th January, 2014. The author talked about parenting and issues to do with raising children to take up leadership after their parents exit the stage. Please send the TITLE OF THIS BOOK, THE AUTHOR, THE COST AND AN OUTLET WHERE I CAN BUY A COPY.. My Telephone contact is 0722624604.

    Michael Obora

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